AWS Services

Expert help to architect scalable Ecosystem.

Tuning is important to get the power under budget

It would not be wrong to say, Amazon has started Revolution in virtualization. And they have done pretty good job around providing IAAS and SAAS Services. No doubt, they are providing plenty of solutions and large pool of resource but it is so important to choose correct size of different services. Otherwise you may end up with the more bills and under power application. This is how, iZAP Can help you to fine tune your aws infrastructure. We have extensive experience with all following services.

EC2 Classic and VPC
Large pool of hardware resources & isolated cloud environment helps to integrate local infrastructure deeply.
EC2 Container
Run and manage Docker containers
Global content delivery network which helps to increase performance of web site in different territories.
Scalable storage in the Cloud
Cheap storage in cloud and suitable for archive
Scalable DNS and Domain Name Registration.
SAAS service for MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server and Amazon Aurora.
in-Memory Cache (Redis cache and memcache)
Automate server provisioning with Chef.
Source code in private Git Repository
Automate code deployments and rollback deployments
IAM (Identity & Access Management)
Manage User Access and Encryption Keys. Really important to secure access of your amazon resources.