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Why iZAP? Let’s talk


We have worked with almost all php frameworks available in the Market. Like CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Slim Framework and many more But personally we recommend Yii Framework which is perfect to write CLI utilities, Web Services and Frontend Web Apps. We have Strong team working with YII Framework. Yii has very strong code base


Elgg is a social networking engine. and we are working with elgg since its 1.0 version. With every new release of elgg, we try to upgrade our plugins as per elgg framework requirement. We have worked on highly customized version of elgg. We have developed 15+ plugins for elgg community. izap-videos plugin is one of them which is under top 5 most recommended plugin and top 5 most downloaded plugins in Elgg Community iZAP - Video@Elgg


We have strong team of DevOps working 24x7 to ensure 99.9999% availability of your site. For provisioning our servers, We use Chef. Chef has been adopted by industry leaders like AWS OpsWork which is pretty cool combination. We use chef for provisioning highly complex infrastructure. We use chef to build our development environment on local machines and our production environment using AWS Service or other cloud vendors. We have built so many custom recipies as per requirements of our clients.


We have good experience in Ruby based application. We use ruby to build tools for infrastructure and release engineering. These days we are replacing such tools with Gopher builds. We also contribute in improving Chef Recipes. As a mentor, we have contributed in core-ruby batches in to encurage ruby community.

How helpful we could be?

We iZAPPERS, have been built with the practical experience of handling small to large scale application. We know how to make balance in code quality and faster shipment. We have hand on experience when programming need to process large set of data. We are experienced to make highly distributed applications working in highly scalable infrastructure. Since we have 10 years of experience in varieties of technologies so we can help when you have questions

When should i move to Cloud?

Which vendor should i choose?

How to control infrastructure Cost?

Why do i choose some particular Technology?

These are very important decisions needed to be considered before getting start with your Dream Project. Allow us to help you to take right decision from very first day of your dream Project.