Case Study


  • Programming: PHP 5.4, Ruby, Bash Scripts.
  • Database: RDS (MySQL) AWS Service.
  • Indexing Engine: Elasticsearch.
  • HTTP Server: nginx, php-fpm.
  • Job Server: Gearman.
  • Message Queue (Comet) Server: Nginx, Push Stream Module.
  • NS Service: Route53 AWS Service.
  • Load Balancer: ELB provided by AWS Services.
  • Development Environment: Docker, Vagrant, Chef.
  • Private Code Repo: GitHub
  • CI Server: Jenkins
  • UI and UX: jquery, Sammy routes, MustacheJS.
  • Monitoring Tools: Integrated with NewRelic.
  • IAAS Vendor: Amazon.
  • UnitTest Coverage: Yes, using PHPUnit Test Framework.
  • Horizontal Scalability: Yes, Using AWS Policies

This is a sports social network having features which sport network must have. It is the largest project we have built from scratch. Since we have distributed team. Where product manager is in San Francis co, Designer in Pakistan, Development Team In India and DevOps Team in India. We are responsible for all development, infrastructure management, QA, Release Engineering flow. We have successfully handled millions of rows in MySQL. One of the intense job in YourSports is to import data. Especially when import suppose to be 3 million rows at once under defined time frames. We have done such challenges very efficiently.

Most of the challenging problem was to get development environment to all distributed developers, QA, Designers etc. And that’s where we decided to introduce cutting edge technologies. Earlier it was Vagrant solution which is nice but it need higher resource at development. Ultimately getting 6 different servers to replicate the whole production environment suppose to use most of your CPU and RAM.

In the Interim, We introduce Docker, Which is another virtual layer work on native linux machine. And docker container took lesser resources as compare to Vagrant.

We are still working on this project. So Everyday we face new challenges and solve them with the deeper experience and versatility in Technology.